Thailand in May, everywhere permeated with vigor and Prosperity. This buddhist nation is one of the countries on “the Belt and Road initiative”. In early of May, we have the honor of entering the mercy and tolerant society.


During the six-days WILLSTRONG® brand exhibitation (May 2-7), we welcomed and had a fruitful conversation with a number of architects, engineers, contractors, and professional distributors of southeast Asia. Most of architects came with their current projects discussed with our product manager about facade material solutions. A number of projects with our products brought clients professional installation reference.


In fact “the Belt and Road initiative” have solved the most important problem of communication. All the countries have lots of differences in culture, such as beliefs, customs, dress, diet, architecture art etc. After communication, we had achieved the agreement that architectural appearance is the most important element in the design of buildings , and the architectural aesthetics is not just about the structure of building, selection and applications of construction material for facades is still the top priority.

本次ARCHITECT 2017展会上,“国际化、创新价值与远见”作为WILLSTRONG®品牌的核心价值观,成为了我们与客人交流沟通的主要话题。从这里开始,WILLSTRONG®团队又一次踏上品牌长征之路。

The ARCHITECT 17 exhibition, "international and innovation value and vision" as WILLSTRONG® brand's core values, became the main topic of the communication between Willstrong and clients. From here, WILLSTRONG® team is on the long journey of brand again.